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About PiuK


Simplicity. Intuition. Uniformity. The design of +K products runs along select lines of inspiration.
The aim is clear: to protect our harmonious bond with the environment. Bringing emotion into our habitat. Serenity and a sense of gratification for a cosy space are the pleasurable effects of an ancestral design, created by the natural feel of craftsmanship made entirely in Italy. You can follow us on Facebook for further information.

PiuK: philosophy


Beauty and substance come together harmoniously in the perceptive philosophy of +K. The senses are aroused by an overall vision, while details emerge and point to excellence, to a taste for beauty and to the perfection of proportions and functionality.
Far from the conventions of space, free to roam through volumes that expand or contract just as we desire.

Free from any fear of imposing shapes that are novel today, obsolete tomorrow. With the awareness that tomorrow we will have the right to opt for change and rethink the choices we make today.

PiuK Design for Life

PiuK Design for Life

+K Manifesto


Emotional Design

Design and production of finished products of essential and minimalist design, which respond to the principle of subtraction and color consistency. Color is the man not the product .. The design is timeless (A.G. Franzoni).

Lean Design

The realization of the product must be essential since its design, have a chain of short supply and a simple production and easy to industrialize. Transmission of light of creative thinking.

Emotional Design

The new product, in addition to having all the features of the design must fulfill its primary task, namely that of connection between man and the environment in which he lives, creating harmony.

Utility Design

The product must also respond to the ease of use for the function to which he is called to fulfill in an essential, simple, intuitive. Must be ready for use without installation.

Smart Design

The product must meet or created a latent need of man, that is a need that man has but he does not know to have until the solution proposed ownership of the new product.

Italy Design

The realization of the design product should be strictly made by expert craftsmen, steeped in experience and history. Made in Italy.