Mono – english version

Design Mono: Modular Nomadism

mono is more than a piece of furniture: it is the quintessence of modularity
and it perfectly satisfies the need for change in our lives.

By reformulating the spirit of adaptation, mono reconfigures shapes in space, customising geometries and inviting us to a new form of nomadism in design.

mono unveils an open, living design that is dynamic and adventurous, where the best in yesterday’s traditional Italian craftsmanship interacts with the innovation of tomorrow.

This is mono: immediate and simple to manage.
It has a natural ability to match the style it is combined with: its identity is shaped by personal tastes, making it as perfect in classic homes as in modern spaces.

Absolute freedom to live, move, and change.

Freedom to be… nomadic following us as we move, even to another house, satisfying the needs of those who move to live, or live to move.

place any number of modules, as you like, overcoming the static concept of fixed furniture.

compose your kitchen one module at a time, always with the freedom to add more in the future.

ready to use the bases do not need to be designed or installed (other than for connections in accordance with the law), thus clearly saving both time and money.

curved design with a unique, patented material for a single shape that harmoniously combines the top with the openable front, creating a soft, flowing shape.

materials 100% poplar plywood covered with white ABET HPL 411 laminate laminate